About Tix

Tix, which stands for Tk Interface Extension, is an extension library for Tcl/Tk. Tix adds many new widgets , image types and other commands that allows you to create compelling Tcl/Tk-based GUI applications.

The following sample screen shows some widgets provided by Tix, such as such as Hierarchical Listbox, NoteBook and ComboBox . For a list of all the features in Tix, as well as how to use Tix in your applications, see the Tix Manual Index.

One advantage of Tix over other Tk widget libraries is many of the Tix core widgets are implemented in native code. This enhances performance and provides native look-and-feel for your applications.

Tix is open-source software. See license.terms for details.

Getting more information about Tix

To contact the Tix Project Group, reach your fellow Tix users, submit patches or bug reports, and find a range of other information, please visit our web site at http://tix.sourceforge.net.

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