jNews SQL Queries

This article contains some SQL queries that you can execute in your PhpMyAdmin. This information is considered as a hack of jNews but it can also allow you to do whatever you want with jNews. Before executing any query, please make sure you understand what the query will do and backup your database before doing anything so you can easily restore if the result is not what you expected. Confirm all your jNews subscribers If you imported your list with a wrong format for the confirmation field, you will probably want to confirm all your users without doing it one by one : UPDATE `jos_jnews_subscribers` SET `confirmed` = '1'; Run this query if you want all subscribers to receive HTML mailing. UPDATE `jos_jnews_subscribers` SET `receive_html` = '1'; Run this query to show subscribers which are not subscribed to any List. SELECT S.* FROM jos_jnews_subscribers AS S LEFT JOIN jos_jnews_queue AS Q on S.id = Q.subscriber_id WHERE Q.qid IS NULL Run this query to unblock the Queue UPDATE jos_jnews_queue SET block=0;