Rewrite Rules Flags (.htaccess)

Flags are added to the end of a rewrite rule to tell Apache how to interpret and handle the rule. They can be used to tell apache to treat the rule as case-insensitive, to stop processing rules if the current one matches, or a variety of other options. They are comma-separated, and contained in square brackets. Here's a list of the flags, with their meanings (this information is included on the cheat sheet, so no need to try to learn them all). C (chained with next rule) CO=cookie (set specified cookie) E=var:value (set environment variable var to value) F (forbidden - sends a 403 header to the user) G (gone - no longer exists) H=handler (set handler) L (last - stop processing rules) N (next - continue processing rules) NC (case insensitive) NE (do not escape special URL characters in output) NS (ignore this rule if the request is a subrequest) P (proxy - i.e., apache should grab the remote content specified in the substitution section and return it) PT (pass through - use when processing URLs with additional handlers, e.g., mod_alias) R (temporary redirect to new URL) R=301 (permanent redirect to new URL) QSA (append query string from request to substituted URL) S=x (skip next x rules) T=mime-type (force specified mime type)