Rewrite Rules & Conditions - Server Variables

Server Variables Server variables are a selection of items you can test when writing rewrite conditions. This allows you to apply rules based on all sorts of request parameters, including browser identifiers, referring URL or a multitude of other strings. Variables are of the following format: %{VARIABLE_NAME} And "VARIABLE_NAME" can be replaced with any one of the following items: HTTP Headers HTTP_USER_AGENT HTTP_REFERER HTTP_COOKIE HTTP_FORWARDED HTTP_HOST HTTP_PROXY_CONNECTION HTTP_ACCEPT Connection Variables REMOTE_ADDR REMOTE_HOST REMOTE_USER REMOTE_IDENT REQUEST_METHOD SCRIPT_FILENAME PATH_INFO QUERY_STRING AUTH_TYPE Server Variables DOCUMENT_ROOT SERVER_ADMIN SERVER_NAME SERVER_ADDR SERVER_PORT SERVER_PROTOCOL SERVER_SOFTWARE Dates and Times TIME_YEAR TIME_MON TIME_DAY TIME_HOUR TIME_MIN TIME_SEC TIME_WDAY TIME Special Items API_VERSION THE_REQUEST REQUEST_URI REQUEST_FILENAME IS_SUBREQ