Convertire file di Testo DOS <=> UNIX

[Nota: con Gedit รจ possibile, da Salva con Nome, specificare il tipo di ritorno a capo] dos2unix NAME dos2unix - DOS/Mac to Unix and vice versa text file format converter SYNOPSIS dos2unix [options] [FILE ...] [-n INFILE OUTFILE ...] unix2dos [options] [FILE ...] [-n INFILE OUTFILE ...] DESCRIPTION The Dos2unix package includes utilities "dos2unix" and "unix2dos" to convert plain text files in DOS or Mac format to Unix format and vice versa. In DOS/Windows text files a line break, also known as newline, is a combination of two characters: a Carriage Return (CR) followed by a Line Feed (LF). In Unix text files a line break is a single character: the Line Feed (LF). In Mac text files, prior to Mac OS X, a line break was single Carriage Return (CR) character. Nowadays Mac OS uses Unix style (LF) line breaks. Binary files are automatically skipped, unless conversion is forced. Non-regular files, such as directories and FIFOs, are automatically skipped. Symbolic links and their targets are by default kept untouched. Symbolic links can optionally be replaced, or the output can be written to the symbolic link target. Symbolic links on Windows are not supported. Windows symbolic links always replaced, keeping the targets unchanged.