[Gnome Terminal] How can I make the terminal transparent?

Since version 3.7 this option has been removed from the Preferences dialogue. You can however still get the same effect by setting the _NET_WM_WINDOW_OPACITY X property, for example with the Devil's Pie or Devil's Pie II tools. E.g., set up Devil's Pie to start automatically with the session, and create the file ~/.devilspie/gnome-terminal.ds with these contents: (if (matches (window_name) "gnome-terminal-window-*") (opacity 90) ) You can also use this shell script that however only works for existing terminal windows and not automatically for newly created ones. NOTA del 27/07/2017 ------------------------------- Su Deb 8 e successivi conviene usare devilspie2 e creare il file ~/.config/devilspie/gnome-terminal.lua ----------------------------------- if (get_window_class()=="Gnome-terminal") then set_opacity(0.77); end ----------------------------------- insieme al file (per l'autostart) ~/.config/autostart/devilspie2.desktop ----------------------------------- [Desktop Entry] Name=Devilspie2 Type=Application TryExec=devilspie2 Exec=devilspie2 StartupNotify=false Terminal=false -----------------------------------