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XMLPULL V1 API Documentation

XML Pull Parser 3 (XPP3)

Quick introduction

XPP3 is implementation of XMLPULL V1 API.(visit its website at

XMLPULL V1 API defines a simple to use but still powerful common XML Pull Parsing API that will work from small devices (J2ME compatible API and small size) up to application servers (J2EE). XMLPULL parsers such as XPP3 can easily be added to J2ME, J2SE or J2EE environment and as they typically does not require lot of  resources (such as memory) and still can be very fast they are a good choice when there is need to handle multiple concurrent XML input streams (XPP3 attempt to be both high performance and small size implementation).

How to get started

To use this parser please read first quick introduction to XMLPULL API and then simply add to your CLASSPATH jar file with XPP3 jar (xpp3_version.jar)  from build/lib directory (the jar file contains both parser implementation and XMLPULL API).

The source code for XPP3 is also provided and you can follow build instructions to get your own implementation of XPP3 compiled. The latest source code for XPP3 is available from or directly from CVS .

You should verify that XPP3 is passing conformance tests for XMLPULL API this can be easily done by running XMLPULL API V1 Conformance tests that are based on JUnit. To do this use provided run.bat script on Windows ( on UNIX) and on Windows execute  run junit (on UNIX use ./ junit).

More questions

If you have questions please check first XPP3 FAQ and if your question is unanswered please post it to mailing list.

XPP3 is distributed under Apache-style license - please read it and give us credit when you find XPP3 useful (we always appreciate to hear from happy users and that helps us to keep working and improving!)

Finally if you are interested in XPP3 latest developments please see list of changes.

Last but not least: Thanks to all that helped XPP3!

For the latest version and more information please see: XPP3 Home Page


XPath support for XB1 contains code derived from Jaxen and SAXPath. See acknowledgement directory for license information.


Aleksander Slominski